ViddyHo gets Fastforwarded

A few days ago (on the 24th February) I blogged about a phishing scam doing the rounds on various messaging platforms. The scam earned the name Viddyho due to the web site that victims were directed to, a site which was designed to harvest their login credentials.


The Harvard Crimson reported that it had found the person behind that scam, one Hoan Ton-That, a self-describedAnarcho-Transexual Afro-Chicano American”…


Well it looks like ViddyHo was resurected today, again striking Google Talk users. This time the chat message read simply “LOL” followed by a link to (don’t enter your credentials on the site). Does this look familiar at all?




Once again the link took victims to a site associated with HappyAppy Inc that solicited their account details for a number of instant messaging platforms.


Although, you know, in case you were worried, the extensive FAQ is there to put to rest any concerns you may have had that you are giving your username and password up to a serial phisher….





Yeah… Right.

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