Twitter Trends Lead to Rogue AV

The misuse of Twitter trending topics (the most talked about subjects on Twitter) continues to gather pace.


Following a post yesterday on social media guide Mashable, explaining how criminals were selectively posting to popular discussion topics to include links to malicious software, I saw criminals taking advantage of people talking about malware in order to push yet more malware.



Anyone who clicked on these links would be redirected to a website which uses the familiar tactic of tempting the user with a video.



Should you click on the video you are prompted download a malicious file called “free-stream-player-v_125.exe”. The download comes via a link to URL shortening site which redirects to Don’t visit these URLs!



The file of course isn’t any kind of media playing software but instead fake antivirus software which will infect your PC, display fake messages about widespread infections, poison local DNS resolution for a large number of popular websites and generally make your life a misery.


Please, please do not click on unsolicited links, even out of curiosity.

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