Ten thousand dollars for your story…

At Trend Micro, we have announced the opening of the second annual “What’s Your Story” competition. The great news (at least for this European) is that this time it is open to a wider audience than the original competition, which was for North American residents only. This time entries are also being accepted from the UK. Don’t worry, if you are resident in other parts of Europe, we are looking at opening the contest wider in the near future.

Up for grabs is a first prize of $10,000 USD and six further $500 USD category prizes.

To win the cash and the glory, you need to do is be 13 years of age or over and you need to submit a video in one (or all if you want to maximise you chances) of the three categories; Being a good online citizen, Using a mobile phone wisely and Maintaining your privacy online. The film can be in any style you like, you can pour your heart out, make us laugh or even teach us a thing or two, but you have to be in it to win it.
You can find the official rules here, and you can register yourself here
Have a squint at last year’s winner for a dose of inspiration, but remember originality and honesty are key.

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