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Android – Bitcoin vulnerability – Exploit in the wild.

Photo credit: Katarzyna Kieliszek

A blog post over at bitcoin.org alerts currency holders using an Android wallet to a serious underlying vulnerability that could leave their wallets open to would be thieves.

The blog post says only that “an underlying component of Android” contains the flaws that leave Android bitcoin wallet holders at risk of pilfering. However bitcoin wallet app developer Mike Hearn posted to the bitcoin developer mailing list that the exact component is the Android implementation of the Java class SecureRandom.
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How to secure your Facebook profile

Dusty Keyhole by kellinahandbasket

Want to make sure that you safeguard your privacy on Facebook? Of course you do…

Time passes and Facebook changes, this is a law as immutable as gravity. I have updated my Facebook privacy guide from the 2011 edition to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of every important configuration screen and an explanation of how each important function really works.

11 pages of goodness, download it, read it, cherish it, call it George.

Download here: Making the most of Facebook Privacy 2013

Dumped LivingSocial database offered for 1 Bitcoin

I’m sure many of you will have already read about the massive database breach at LivingSocial, a daily-deal company second only to Groupon. If not, then you aren’t one of the “lucky” 50 million people chosen for that day’s “special deal”.


LivingSocial reported a breach of their systems which resulted in the names, email addresses, dates of birth and hashed and salted password values being stolen. Although LivingSocial passwords were hashed and salted, unfortunately the cryptographic algorithm used was not a particularly strong one (SHA-1) this means that while cracking that password database is not trivial, it is certainly not impossible.
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