Son of God at risk from social networking

A good friend of mine sent me a link to a really great viral video entitled “The Digital Story of Nativity (or Christmas 2.0)” and it set us wondering if Christmas would ever have survived in the socially networked world of today. Have a watch for yourself…

Suddenly the three wise men don’t look so wise, and even though Joseph was a humble carpenter, there are a few basic rules he could benefit from when it comes to sharing information online. Such a liberal and open use of social media could have halted the development of a world religion in its tracks and Christmas may never have come to be.
What the blazes am I talking about?
It is never a good idea to use an unprotected social network profile to post information regarding your whereabouts, particularly if that post betrays the fact that you are not at home. “Travelling with Mary to Bethlehem for the census” is enough to let anybody know that there is a whole load of unattended carpentry equipment up for grabs in Nazareth, particularly once the expectant couple have used foursquare to check in and shared it on their facebook profiles.
Not content with endangering his own livelihood Joseph goes on to endanger the safety and privacy of his family, I can only think that he must have been overcome with excitement at the imminent miracle. When Joseph creates his facebook “Meet the baby” event he doesn’t use any of the options to make it private, or to restrict the visibility and we all know what happens when facebook parties attack. Not only that but it looks like his facebook profile must be wide open too, simply by judging how many ‘likes’ his post announcing the birth got…
It seems Joseph may have been lucky though, as only three strangers showed up for the birth, and they even had the decency to show up bearing gifts. Unfortunately they do their own damage to the safety and privacy of the proud new family by sharing their travel plans on twitter and foursquare themselves.
This post takes a humorous look at a very serious subject, always take care how much information you share in public, make sure you use the privacy options available to you and, especially during this holiday period, make sure you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk with an ill-considered post.
After all, I hear Herod was also a keen social networker…

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