Safer Internet Day Twitter Spam

In an ironic twist, Twitter spambot accounts have been bombarding the Safer Internet Day hashtag #SID2012 with shady looking messages, from unlikely looking accounts, promoting abbreviated URLs that lead the unwary to pornographic sites.

On a Safer Internet Day that is aimed at bridging the gap between the generations online, it was particularly saddening to see many of the obfuscated URLs pointing to sites that contained the word “teen” in the title.
It is a familiar tactic, Twitter spammers will jump into popular topics of conversation to spread malicious or misleading URLs. In a way it’s testament to the success of Safer Internet Day that the hashtag is receiving this unwanted attention.
This quick blog is just to warn those new to Twitter, or the unwary, that you should always be careful where you click. The Internet today is a constantly shifting thing, a large part of its content is created by us, the users. Criminals and scammers use this creative freedom to jump into our online interactions and take advantage of newsworthy trends as they are happening.
It potentially only takes a single click to end up somewhere you would rather never have been, so think twice before clicking on an unsolicited link and in the case of obfuscated URLs, try using a service such as the free LongURL so you know in advance where you’re headed.

2 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day Twitter Spam

  1. Joe

    Trend Micro i spart of the problem. I tried to install and because I had a competitor product they placed tracing cookies on my computer!


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