Richard Dawkins forum compromised

No Intelligent Design for Dawkins forum…


Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist and popular science author, famed for his no-holds-barred approach to what he sees as the unsubstantiated claims made by religion, certainly has all the proof he needs to believe in the cybercriminal underground.


Members of the discussion forum over at all received a message, purporting to be from the forum admin which incongruously invited them to join a warez site. 

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The apparent hack has been confirmed by the site admins with a message posted on the front page.


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No word yet from the web site admins on how much personal data may have been put at risk during this intrusion.  If the hackers had access to the forum admin account, they very probably had access to a large amount of user information including hashed passwords (or even worse clear text passwords?) and email addresses. My advice to anyone with an account on that particular forum would be to consider the password you used, and if it is common to any other services, then change it immediately.


At the time of writing the forum remains offline.


13 thoughts on “Richard Dawkins forum compromised

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  4. nobody

    but remember hashed passwords can also often be cracked using rainbow tables.

    Is there really any current forum software that fails to salt the hashes?

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  6. Fad

    Actually that first image is not from It’s from my Twitter feed from my Gmail account. You’re quite welcome. :P


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