Restore Access to Blocked Sites on Conficked Systems

As has been previously noted on this blog and many others over the past few weeks. A machine infected with Downad/Conficker will not be able to access many of the domains which can assist in the cleanup of the infection.


So in anticipation of the “Impending Technological Apocalypse“. Trend Micro is pleased to bring you a method to outsmart the worm and restore access to those blocked web sites on your infected machines.


1 -In the Start menu, choose Run. (If you cannot see the Run choice in your Start menu you may need to add it. It can be added as follows: Right mouse click the Start button and choose Properties. Hit the Customise button and choose Advanced. In the Start Menu Items section, scroll down until you see the check box for Run Command, check that box as below, and hit OK).




2- Alright, so now you can hit the Start button and choose Run. In the Run window that appears, type cmd as below and hit OK.



3 -In the window that appears, type the command net stop dnscache, and hit Enter, then type exit and hit Enter again. It should appear exactly as show below.



4 – Right, we’re almost done, just a belt-and-braces check to do now. Again click Start and choose Run. This time type services.msc in the Run box and click OK. It brings up a window as shown below



5 – Double-click the DNS Client entry in the list, and if it is not already stopped, hit the Stop button.


Hey presto! You should now be able to access all of those previously blocked sites, of course including the excellent HouseCall for all your cleanup needs.


This service has been brought to you by a large Indian meal, a very long day and a well-known Tennesee Sippin’ Whiskey

3 thoughts on “Restore Access to Blocked Sites on Conficked Systems

  1. Moonfire

    Sippin’ some of that now in celebration of your great advice! I owe u a whole BOTTLE!!! Here’s to you….. ;)

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