pwned for a penny

Have you ever had your email account credentials stolen? Did you feel bitter that a cybercriminal was making money off of you?


Well nothing will take the sting out of getting phished but maybe we don’t realise just how worthless our private details really are. I was doing some price research today and wanted to share the going rate with you.



Your Yahoo account is worth less than one US cent (0.008 cents), your Gmail account also goes for less than one US cent (0.009 cents), Hotmail is exactly one US cent per account, whereas an active AOL account is on sale for the princely sum of three US cents! If you’re using Russian web-mail services, then you’re up there with Gmail at 0.009 cents per account.


This particular vendor has 5539 Yahoo accounts ($44.31USD), 19,999 Gmail accounts ($161.99USD) and 1000 Hotmail accounts ($10USD) up for sale at the moment.



So, even if we bought the whole stock, including the almost 17,000 Russian accounts, this criminal would only stand to gain £355.31 USD, and average of only 0.008 cents per account!


Here are some more current prices for various items:

1 million Zeus logs (1GB stolen information) $300

5 days of phone flooding 180WMZ (165.60 USD)

Price list eBay:     

-EU active buyers accounts=$6.00


-EU inactive buyers accounts=$10.00

-EU active buyers accounts with email access=$12.00

-EU inactive buyers accounts with email access=$20.00

-USA active buyers accounts=$4.00

-USA inactive buyers accounts=$8.00

-USA active buyers accounts with email access=$10.00

-USA inactive buyers accounts with email access=$18.00


Price list Paypal:

-EU non-verified accounts=$6.00

-EU verified accounts=$10.00

-EU non-verified accounts with email access=$12.00

-EU verified accounts with email access=$20.00

-USA non-verified accounts=$4.00

-USA verified accounts=$8.00

-USA non-verified accounts with email access=$10.00

-USA verified accounts with email access=$18.00

And of course credit cards



As an interesting side note; on most of the forums I checked it seems the recession and deflation is also hitting the underground economy, with most unit prices dropping.

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