Psst!… Want some free security software?

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UPDATE: This promotion has now closed

Hopefully regular readers of the blog will have noticed that I try to avoid using Countermeasures to push product. However, this afternoon I have been offered 100 licence keys for our new Windows security software to give away to readers of the blog and I thought giving you free stuff was definitely something I should be doing!


Trend Micro Titanium was released this week and is already getting great reviews from journalists and testing houses alike. In all honesty, I love the product too, I know I sound like a shill but it has to be tried to be believed. Titanium is security software that has been designed not to get in your way, it won’t slow down your PC and at the same time it doesn’t compromise on the quality of protection. Anyway don’t take my word for it, give it a test drive and I’ll give you a free serial number.


You knew there was going to be a catch though, like Alice Cooper said “Nothing’s Free”… I only have 100 serial numbers to give away, so here’s what you have to do. Go here. Click the blue button to download a trial copy and install it. There’s an option to log in with your Facebook account rather than your email address if you prefer. The first 100 people to post a review of their experience with Titanium, either here as a comment to this blog post or on the Titanium page on Facebook will each get a 12 month subscription free of charge and obligation.


So there you have it, end of shameless promo!


46 thoughts on “Psst!… Want some free security software?

  1. Pedro Villanueva

    really cool piece of software, my favorite from now on, no supervision and low system resources are 2 characteristics all avs should have. Thank you !

  2. Pedro Villanueva

    Amazing software, really easy to use and very useful, not a single problem since i use it on the computer.

    Good work and very recomendable!!

  3. Pedro Villanueva

    Easiest AV ever existed on earth. Install, and never look back. Totally recomended for evryone wanting the easy AV solution, specially kids.

    Excellent Work!!!

  4. Emiliano Mendez

    Well, i’ve had this AV for a week, and i must says it is really good. I am a gamer, and i find quite annoying to get AV alarms all over the place when you are about to play a game. Just annoying and happens all time, not to mention some AV can quite interfere with gaming. But TrendMicro is unique. I dont have to mange it, i never disconect and i can play as much as i want without worries.Totally recomendable.

    Cheers and keep up te good work!! :D

  5. Camilo Alvarez

    I have just installed Titanium antivirus on my home laptop. It was really easy and almost unattended.
    My first perception is that is a not resource consuming sw as others, easy to configure and understand. Just what your are looking for.
    Hope it helps.

  6. Julio

    Hi there, I must says TrendMicro is excellent, to this point, i was tired of AV that required constant supervision and made PC experience for me or my family quite annoying. But TrendMicro is excellent. 15 days, no Supervision, no need to turn it off while playing or running specific software.
    Totally recomendable for anyone.

    Excellent work!!

  7. Julio

    As a experienced user, im tired already anoyying AV that need your supervision above all. TrendMicro needs no supervision at all wich is amazing. Have it for 15 days, no virus problems, my kids can play in without problem and i can rest without worring for the AV to screw up.

    Nice Work!

    1. Rik Ferguson Post author

      Hi there, the email address you provided bounces, if you would like your 12 month license key please drop me another comment, your address won’t be made public.

  8. Thor

    The reason to why I want to try Trends virus software, Titanium, is that I have a very good experience with software from Trend earlier.
    The product dos its job and makes free time for me to explore all the software and internet facilities I want, without any danger.
    It is good to find a product that really delivers..

  9. Osman

    Certainly one of the light-weight AVs that works well on windows. I like the interface better than the others and the seamless nature of the protection that’s happening.

  10. Blokhine

    Installed it yesterday. Liked at once, especially the interface and the fact I don’t have to worry about updates. Seems to be faster, too.

  11. Cees Jansen

    2nd try ;-) Better English, I hope.

    I installed Trend Micro.
    First it de-installed the Norton software smoothly. (Norton was pre-installed on my new laptop).

    Trend Micro is working fine. It seems to work fine, without interrupting me.

  12. Jaap Hoorn

    I’ve installed the Trend Micro antivirus+.
    It looks good. Untill now it doesn’t make all kind of terrible popups, like Norton and McAfee do. So I am happy at this moment!

  13. Steven Lai

    I have try the trial version and like the option of different types of scan available depending on your needs at different times. Also it really didn’t slow down my PC compared with some other anti virus programme in the market. A thumbs up!

  14. Max

    Great piece of software I must say. Im a gaming user, and mostly i have been having difficulty having a AV that consumes little system resource, and wont cause a lot of hassle when playing games. Guess what, TrendMicro is the only AV that fits. So far I’ve been playing online without having to disable TrendMicro, and games run just fine, no alarm issues, no connection problems, just a smooth gameplay. This i s hard to achive, and i must say this software is highly recomendable for thos with gaming tastes. Great Work!

  15. Max Molina

    Well, i can say im happy with this AV. I use to have other solutons like Kaspersky and Avira, but one proved to system resources hungry, and the other was too much publicity on the software itself. I like this one also because it got much better tha NOD32 and other alikes. Nicely done.

  16. Richie

    Much like Martyn, I too am very sick of resource hogging AV solutions. Having just installed your product and ran a scan I can see that this is a very good product. I just hope it can boast excellent huristics and will keep me safe whilst browsing the web. Good work!

  17. Martyn

    Being very tired of bloated and/or semi confusing AV software I decided to give this a try. I’m very used to the various AV offerings of McAfee, Eset, Symantec and Grisoft (just to name a few) and I feel they have all progressively become slow, cumbersome beasts with tacky user interfaces.

    I decided to give Trend Micro Titanium a go as my current MS Security Essentials felt a little too basic in regards to its protection abilities. So far I’m impressed, it’s lightweight (biggest plus as I miss how lightweight NOD32 used to be) and the interface is very nice and tidy. Didn’t like Malwarebytes being installed which was a bit upsetting but I’m hoping with it’s protection the additional software won’t be needed. Lets see how it goes!

  18. Ana

    I am very satisfied with this antivirus use it for one year and when my subscription has expired have not hesitated to return to unload it. It is really good.

  19. Neo

    As a proud Guru Member of the trend micro titanium i can just say that with the Titanium Trend micro have started a new era of protection .. Light&Strong understandable for everyone …. If you have any issues or suggestions you can visit the trend micro community

    which there will gladly help you and your feedback it is appreciated for improving the product

  20. Pablo Grandoli

    I have been testing this product since it’s beta. At first surprised me the light weight client, so it’s perfect to install on netbooks, low end machine or any machine. Besides that the best it has to offer is it’s use of the cloud, minimizing the time to protect an endpoint using the Trend Micro Reputation Databases. It is a product that goes lined up with edge technologies and ready to face the latest malware strategies and vector diseases.

  21. Matthew

    Very unique interface. I like the ease of operation so far. It installed with out any problems and conflicts to other programs. 1st scan was a breeze. Will have to hold out until I can fully test out the program over time but I’m impressed so far. Many thanks in advance for the 12-month licence.

    1. Rik Ferguson Post author

      Then you need to download the trial of Titanium, it should meet all your requirements, once you have post a review here and I’ll let you have a 12 month license key!


  22. Øyvind Gullikstad

    It is looking very good. Will try to install it on my moms computer, if she does not break it it is a woonderful product.

  23. Mike

    Love the new interface – hoping to check out the new features soon – easy installation and not noticed any slow down in operation

  24. Marion Linden

    Downloaded last night, was using AVG before, so uninstalled it for this. Pleased so far, like the fact I don’t have to worry about updates, my laptop seems a little quicker with it than the last one I was using too. Obviously need more time to test it further though.

    1. Rik Ferguson Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your interest, if you want to post your review on the Facebook page then you need to “Like” the page first, apologies it’s the way Facebook works :(


  25. Jerry Tilson

    Seems pretty cool. Nicer interface and options than the older versions of Trend I’ve used.

    So do I get a key?


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