Poisoned Downad/Conficker Removal Searches…

Reminder: For a FREE tool to remove Conficker (and every other malware in the current pattern file) use Trend Micro’s SysClean available here.

As soon as the good news breaks that it is possible to use tools such as the network scanning tool nmap to search for machines infected by Downad/Conficker, then the malicious SEO work starts.


If you need malware removal tools type the URL of your vendor of choice directly into the browser bar and use links on their website. Do not rely on Google search results at this time, as they may have been “optimised”.

Careful what you click on, these Google results are loaded!

14 thoughts on “Poisoned Downad/Conficker Removal Searches…

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  11. Vindizzle

    Use OS X or Linux to surf, and a PC to do work (or a virtualized and sandboxed one), or vice versa. I’m doing research on this conficker worm for fun, and using Firefox and the addon “WOT” (Web of Trust) seems to help quite a bit in weeding out good vs bad information… that is, if you must use windows to surf. No OS is better than another at this point, just learn to use every tool available.

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