Phishing Attack Targets Users

The current trend for abusing Web 2.0 sites in co-ordinated phishing attacks continues.


Users of the “world’s largest online music catalogue” are the latest victims. Unfortunate users receive a message in their shoutbox saying “hey – check out this blog with ur pic –[blocked]” or “hey check out this blog” again with an abbreviated URL.



If you click the link you are redirected to a faked login screen as below, note the highlighted URL



This is a known malicious domain registered to a Chinese IP address and has been associated with several previous credential harvesting attacks.


I’ve said it once, but it bears repeating, *always* check the URL in the address bar of your browser before entering any login credentials.

2 thoughts on “Phishing Attack Targets Users

  1. Dandy Forsdyke


    I’m sorry to inform you that your account has been compromised at some point
    over the last few days. has been the target of a ‘phishing’ attack where
    someone will send you a PM or a shoutbox message asking you to click a link.
    This takes you to a page that looks like a login page, but is actually
    hosted elsewhere. When you enter your username and password, the culprits use
    these details to spam on your behalf.

    PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ASAP. To stop the spread of more phishing, your
    account has been ‘muted’… That is, you are not allowed to post anything for 48

    In future, please ensure when you are asked to login to you can clearly
    see in the address bar; anything else is a forgery.

    More details on how to keep your account safe are available here:


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