Phacebook Phun again

Just a quick post to warn you of a Facebook phishing campaign that is underway at the moment.
Avoid clicking any links which point to an address that includes
This domain is not associated with Facebook in any way, in fact it was registered through Dollar2Host in May of this year and all details of the domain owner are anonymised.
I you do click the link you will be redirected to a phishing page with a fake message asking you to “Please re-login due to privacy settings”. Clearly, doing this would be A Very Bad Thing™

Phacebook Phishing Site

I am still tracking down the exact details of how this URL is being spread, but in the meantime be on your guard. The phishers are relying on your lack of familiarity with how web addresses work to fool you into giving up your account details. Of course it is also possible that the attack could change at any moment and begin using shortened or otherwise disguised URLs.
Always check the address bar in your browser before submitting any login credentials to any website. If the address displayed there is not *exactly* as you would expect, then use your bookmarks or retype the correct address manually.

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