Pakistani Interior Minister Hacked.

The web site of Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister for Pakistan has been hacked. The compromise appears to be politically motivated The section of the front page entitled  “Welcome Message by Mr. A. Rehamn Malik – Minister for Interior” (along with most other sections) now bears the message:

“F__k Of U Losers..We Dont Need Such Ministers”


Screenshot of compromised site

Claiming responsibility for the attack are Cyber-Spy & ShakaZz. The forum thread  boasting of the attacks was posted just after 10am this morning.

Initially Cyber-Spy defaced the site alone, leaving a message claiming responsibility. A second hacker, ShakaZz then seems to have hacked the site for a second time, adding his name and the obscene  semi-political message. Cyber-Spy doesn’t seem to have known that his “colleague/competitor” had plans to muscle-in on his l33t haxoring, nor does he seem too happy about it. He says on the forum:

BTW,shakazz i hope you won’t do the same act again as you did it by changing the page.What does it means by changing the page?


All too often we are quick to ascribe political motivations to these kinds of hacktivist attacks but it only takes a quick squint at some of the forum conversations to reveal the real motivations behind this kind of activity. Malware for the misplaced notion of l33t haxor pride may well have given way to the highly organised criminal operations we are familiar with today, but script-kiddies are still alive and well and operating in a haxor forum near you.


I have informed the Pakistani Ministry of the Interior of the defacement. If you own or maintain a web server and you haven’t audited the security recently, maybe now is the time.

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