Mikeyy, a dish best served cold?

It looks like a hackers collective calling themselves /bin/sh have hacked into a server hosting a domian registered to the same Mikeyy who claimed responsibility for the StalkDaily worm that recently caused so much trouble for Twitter users.


 image credit: www.wevebeenframed.com


The hacking group have posted their ill-gotten gains on the Full Disclosure list, and accoring to a coincidental interview that took place over his compromised Facebook account the attack was carried out in revenge for Mikeyy’s arrogance over his activites


he behaved very arrogantly

We are happy with our work though, it didnt take long

we’ve spent about 2 hours on this hack in total, from noticing him enough, to rooting his box and stealing *


Like I said, we dont target people usually

We arent like that.

We are a new group, but we are skilled. Attacking Facebook accounts is usually not our style.

In this case though, arrogance has got to go.


There you go, every action has an equal and opposite reaction; caveat hax0r.

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