Making the most of Facebook privacy – Part II

The full guide to Facebook security settings is now available for download Making the Most Out of Facebook’s Privacy Settings.
The first part in this series of posts can be found here.
Now it gets more granular… Let’s look at “Privacy Settings” which can be accessed through the drop down menu in the top right of your Facebook page.

Facebook privacy settings

Facebook privacy settings

How you connect:
Change the setting for “Who can look up your timeline by name or contact info”, “Who can post on your timeline” and “Who can see posts by others on your timeline” to Friends. The default setting is Everyone except for “Who can see posts by others” which defaults to Friends of Friends, this setting is the cause of much of the noise in the ticker that so upset everyone when it was introduced.
The settings for “Who can send you messages” and “Who can send you friend requests” are just a question of how contactable you want to be, personal preference, again the default is Everyone.
How tags work:
Set Timeline Review to On. This does not stop you from being tagged in posts and those posts and tags will still appear in others’ feeds if they are connected to the originator or to someone else tagged in the photo, but they won’t appear on your wall/Timeline until you approve them. By default this is turned off.
Set Tag Review to On. When someone tags your content, you must review before it is posted. This is useful because once a person is tagged in a picture, post or comment, both that person and their own friends can see the content. Content you may not have wanted to share more widely. By default this is turned off.
Set Maximum Timeline Visibility to Friends. This controls the maximum extent of who can view posts to your *own* timeline. Don’t forget this content may have initially been posted on someone else’s wall and you cannot restrict the visibility of the original post. By default this is set to Friends of Friends.
Set Tag Suggestions to Off. This feature will suggest your name when someone uploads a picture that Facebook thinks looks like you. By default this is turned on.
Set Friends can check you into Places to Off – that way, you’re not going to get checked in to somewhere you would rather have kept secret, or even somewhere you never were. By default this is turned on.
Apps and websites
The Information accessible through your friends section controls what information about you can be accessed by Apps that your friends may have installed. Deselect every check box in this section. You will find that by default they are almost all allowed.
Instant personalisation shares Facebook data with certain partner websites. If the option is available, uncheck the box to turn it off. If it is greyed out it means that Instant personalisation is not yet available to your account. Note that it is turned on by default, so try to remember to keep an eye on it because you are not able to disable until the feature is already turned on…
Public Search, if you’ve been following the recommendations so far, this feature should already be off because you changed Who can look up your timeline to Friends only.
Limit the audience for past posts. Click Manage past post visibility and then click Limit old posts. This will ensure that any posts you have made in the previous years on Facebook will have their privacy restricted to Friends only. Unfortunately there is no indicator that tells you whether you have previously done this, so if you’re unsure, just do it again.
Part three of this series is available here.

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