Intelligence as a Service

In a startling development, Internet start-up company Flair Loop have announced the release of their flagship offering IntaaS, or Intelligence as a Service.
Product details are limited at launch, the service is entirely in the cloud, but even on a conceptual level it may have some serious security implications.
Founder, Pete C. Lomly-Slafe, describes IntaaS in the following terms; “We realised that many internet users are simply falling for the same Facebook, Twitter, Nigerian millionaire or Russian bride scams over and over again, some of my closest friends for example really seem to enjoy discovering who is stalking them or how irresistible they are on a daily basis. There is a considerable group of internet users who feel it is their duty, or in some cases their right, to click on links, open attachments and forward chain letters as soon as they receive them. So we wanted to design a cloud-based service that could secure these users without negatively impacting the joy and wonder they clearly experience at finally being connected to the rest of humankind.”
The service as described involves the installation of a super lightweight endpoint client which connects the customer directly and exclusively to the IntaaS cloud, preventing them from from falling victim to their own “eagerness” to use IntaaS terminology. All requests for web content will be directly proxied by IntaaS and where necessary downloads, web pages or emails which IntaaS consider risky, insecure or just plain annoying will be replaced by a series of very amusing photos of cats, as the service expands, other animals may be considered. In the words of the founder:

 “These people just love the cat pictures. They want security; we give it to them IntaaS”

Reportedly several government organisations have already expressed an interest. Further details are available here.

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