HackersBlog Call It a Day (invoke Jim Morrison)

The Romanian “white-hat” hacker group known as HackersBlog have posted a notice on their site, explaining that they are disbanding the collective.


The group, responsible for many high profile intrusions over the past few months, are calling an end to their team activity for reasons of boredom! In their own words:

we’ve gotten to that point where most of the team members had “enough” of it. Dont wacko on this. We are not pulling the plug because of any external factors or of fear. We simply dont have the time and desire to continue. Contrary to many opinions, we do have a private life.


Many of the corporate targets of HackersBlog members have publicly responded with their own versions of events surronding the alleged database breaches. In a final parting shot the team sign off with:

Still, there were those rare cases of fair play which we trully appreciate and made us realise that there is sitll hope and that out there, in the “wild wild web”, you can still find quality people. This is one of the reasons for which we did not engage in controversies over the official declarations coming from corporations PR departments regarding the problems discovered on their websites. They minimized the issues to the point where they lead people believe nobody cold have been affected. Sadly, reality is not that bright.

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