Facebook 419

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get away from people trying to give me money.
It’s an age old scam, older even than the venerable Internet; Advance-fee fraud also known as 419 fraud. Fortunately it is also a scam that anti-spam technology has become adept at spotting and blocking. So it’s no surprise to see that criminals are turning to alternative distribution mechanisms to try to snare their victims.
I just received I friend request on Facebook from (the no-doubt bogus) Mariam Mehdi and as you can see below, the content is unfortunately all too familiar

419 fraud mail received as Facebook friend request

 I was very pleased to note that, in the hour that passed between the message being sent and me checking my friend requests on Facebook, the offending Facebook user account and the any friend requests had been erased from the social network.
Anyway, old scams never die, they just get annoyingerer more annoying. If you receive any of this junk, treat it the same as any other Spam, terminate with extreme prejudice.

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