David Milliband – Gone Phishing?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK have issued a warning relating to a phishing scam that has started doing the rounds.


In a UK-centric echo of the “Obama Stimulus Check” scam from January this year, emails purporting to be from UK Foreign Secretary David Milliband are being sent, offering those hit by the global economic slowdown a chance to benefit from a bogus “Recession Relief Programme Fund”.


In standard phishing form, the emails ask recipients for personal details in order to benefit from the fictitious scheme.


Once again, treat all unsolicited (and most solicited) mail as suspicious.

Never enter any personal or financial details into any site which has been sent to you over any channel including email, instant message or web adverts and pop-ups.

Never click on links in phishing mails, even out of curiosity, the phishing sites themselves often also harbour malicious files. 

Always type the URL of your banking and other sites requiring personal information directly into your browser address bar or use your own bookmarks.

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