Cybercriminal Call Centres?

As the cybercrime economy matures so does the range of services being offered.


We are familiar with seeing cybercriminals offering the resources at their disposal to carry out Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) against IP addresses. Imagine though, how much more effective an attack against your fiercest competitor could be if you could take out their telephone connection to the outside world at the same time as their web site…


Well those services are available in the underground community, the vendor below, for the price of just 340WMZ (1WMZ WebMoney is equal to about 0.65 Euros), offers to flood a phone number of your choice with calls for 10 days straight!




Of course if you need your calls to be made with a purpose in mind, perhaps some outbound social engineering or maybe to take inbound calls to support your latest Spear Phishing or Whaling campaign? Then you need “Perfect Call Service”




Translated, they are offering

“We call all contracts, drops, Banking, Shopping, eBay, Documents, UPS, anything you can think of. These calls can be received at our or your numbers

We do everything rapidly, with high quality and most importantly you will be amazed by our prices. The following discount system applies.

Cost of call in English only $10.

If you order more than two calls in the course of day,.beginning from the third call cost falls to $7.

The cost of calls in the remaining languages and time of the call are discussed separately in the ace with each!

Thus, languages are accessible in the service

ENGLISH (3 male voices, 3 female + possibility to arrange the timing of the call)

GERMAN (2 male voices, 2 female + possibility to arrange the timing of the call)

SPANISH (1 male voice, 2 female + possibility to arrange the timing of the call)

ITALIAN (1 male voice, 1 female + possibility to arrange the timing of the call)

FRENCH (1 male voice, 2 female + possibility to arrange the timing of the call)

DUTCH (1 female + possibility to arrange the timing of the call)


CZECH (1 female voice)

POLISH (1 female voice)

Are ready to carry out the transfers of different languages. In the arsenal always there are translators of European, eastern and many other languages. Also there are carriers for checking your texts. All translators are the degreed specialists and have large work experience. We can show linguistic support to your drop projects, help with the correspondence on dating, localize site on the necessary language and so on. We also allow the services of copywriting, SEO of written copy, naming, writing of content in different languages, the compositions of spam, letters, advertising articles and so on.


On the whole, we can ensure the complete linguistic support of your projects. Prices completely acceptable and will pleasantly you astonish Be turned, we will be glad!”


Never call the telephone numbers provided to you in email messages, even to verify whether or not the mail you are reading is real or a scam. Always use the telephone number printed on your bank statements or credit cards. Otherwise, you could be greeted by an interective menu system designed to have you enter your credit card number over the phone, or even more worryingly you could be connected to a representative from “Perfect Call Service”.

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