Are you being stalked? Yes. By scammers. Again.

One of my favourite singer songwriters once wrote “There is nothing new, only forgotten” and today is an object lesson in short term memory loss.
Once again facebook scammers are fooling users en masse into believing that they can find out who has been checking their profile pages. You may notice several of your friends posting something like the below at the moment:

Bogus message from bogus app

It’s a variation on a theme I blogged about only three months ago but it seems the attraction has not worn off. As I said back then, there is no officially sanctioned Facebook functionality that will allow you to view who has been checking your profile. Don’t click the links, don’t install the app.
If you do authorise this scamware you will be asked to grant permission for the app to post to your wall and to access your information.

Don't be tempted...

Once you grant that permission you will be put in the unenviable position of enticing your friends and family to fall for the same scam with an automated post to your wall.


In the meantime you are redirected to yet another affiliate marketing based moneyspinner for the scammers.

"Please click this link and make me some cold hard cash"

Unless of course you’re using Trend Micro, in which case you’ll see this…

Not on my watch, sonny Jim.

I have informed Facebook incident handlers of this latest ruse and doubtless it will be gone very soon.

7 thoughts on “Are you being stalked? Yes. By scammers. Again.

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  2. MINGO

    thank you very much for this warning but it might be too late i click on it what do i do to delete this from my fb account…..and did these people get into my sensitive info please let me know what to do….

  3. @Barbara

    Just copy the website address and paste it into a facebook “What’s on your mind” box and the blog will come up…

  4. Elyse

    Barbara, there’s already a link to export this to your facebook page.

    Just above where it says “3 comments to…” you’ll see a row of little icons. The first one is for facebook.

    When you click, it will prompt you to log in to your facebook account. Then you’ll see a screen with the link preview and a box where you can add comments (just as with any facebook news feed item).

  5. Barbara

    Thank you very, VERY much for this information. Lucky for me, I don’t have any info in FB other than the city I live in, and I don’t really care who checks me out — I’m not shopping for love or anything else there LOL. But I was wondering, can you create a link that we could use to post this info on our FB page – the way everything in life these days can be posted? Thanks for the info whether or not you can accommodate this request.

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