After Twittercut get off the Twittertrain!

In a rapid follow up attempt to capitalise on the seemingly endless supply of users willing to sacrifice their login details for micro-blogging service Twitter please meet Twittertrain.



Yet another third party site, offering the dubious reward of having hundreds more complete strangers following you every single day. Would you want that in real life? Do you really want that online?


The site, and the messages posted by the credulous victims bear many similarities to the Twittercut scam of a few days ago.




But as a cheeky extra Twittertrain is offering its users the chance to pay (up to $410 USD for 2 months, *mutters*as if they’ll be around that long) to jump their queue and gain <ahem> VIP membership and “featured” status.



Here’s some advice if you’re tempted by sites such as this:

Don’t share your username and password for *anything* with *anyone*.

If you feel you need more friends, go and make some more friends.

Can’t buy me looooooooooooooove, loooooooooooooooove, money can’t buy me love.

3 thoughts on “After Twittercut get off the Twittertrain!

  1. Paddy

    I asked twittertrain to find more followers for me. What a mistake. They now use my site to send out frequent adverts. for more people to join their service. Far from finding more followers, I’m losing them because people are thinking that I’m the scammer. Can I take action to get rid of twittertrain, please?

  2. Phil

    Twitter left themselves open to this kind of abuse from pretty much the word go.

    The number of legitimate sites which ask for a twitter username and password has encouraged users to follow awful security practices.

    If anything I’m surprised that this kind of issue has only started popping up in the past few weeks!


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