A (google) Wave of Scams

It was no surprise to see blackhat SEO happening based on the search term “Google Wave invitation”, as reported by Websense when the service was launched. Well, interest in Google’s new Wave service and API is still running high, invitations are even up for sale on online auction sites and the opportunistic interest of cybercrime is still piqued.


Email harvesting or affiliate advertising associated web pages are springing up intent on monetising this with false promises. The first I noticed was doing the rounds on Twitter, promising users a Google Wave invite “within the hour” if they would just surrender their twitter username and email address. As you can see, about 50% of the relevant page content was made up of affiliate-based advertising. This iste had a particulalry tricksy domain name too, lending it credibility, www.google.com-wave.info making it of course a part of the com-wave.info domain, not an official Google page.

Fake Google Wave on Twitter

Fake Google Wave on Twitter

The bare-faced cheeck didn’t stop there. It didn’t take much looking to uncover this thread on the Google Wave support forum where users are concerned about very similar activity. This one though was a bit more brazen, taking me thorugh around sixteen pages of “special offers”; where I was obliged to accept one on almost every page before being invited to surrender my details once more, this time for the dubious promise:
Now we need to take some details from you so that someone with an invite can send you one! We promise to only share your details with people who claim to have invites
Why should I care? Didn’t I just give up way more than my email address and name to sixteen pages of “surveys” in your fantastic “Invitation System”?
Google Wave Invitation System

Google Wave Invitation System


Needless to say, I still haven’t received my Google Wave invitation, from either of these sources.


My advice? Wait until a friend sends you an invitiaton. If you don’t have any friends using Google Wave, why would you want an invitaiton, after all it’s about communication and collaboration isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “A (google) Wave of Scams

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  4. Topdawn

    Great informative post. I’m a new blogger. There is a link to this page, on my blog. You are credited in the text.
    It can happen to anybody, Wave mania is rough.


  5. Dorbec

    Hmmm… Why would I want an invite if none of my friends have Google Wave? Well, maybe I want to be the one to start the wave and pass on invites?!

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